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Candle creations are made by hand using NVSoy wax, body safe fragrances, and colors.  Only lead-free wicks are used for your safety and the candle makers.


Debbie takes pride in making her candles not only beautiful and aromatic but also providing an alternative to unhealthy paraffin was candles.  Containers change from time to time but the quality of the ingredients will never change. 


Please consider the benefits to switching to Soy Wax and change the way You Light Up Your Life!


Benefits of Soy

  • Soy is derived from all natural wholesome vegetables
  • Burning soy is 100% non-toxic
  • Emits little to no soot to save your walls and furniture
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water if spilled
  • Burns 25 – 40% longer than paraffin
  • Releases fragrances naturally faster and longer as opposed to paraffin that requires chemicals to burn fragrances
  • Is biodegradable and environmentally safe

Tea Lights

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