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About Us


Fulfilling harmony, diversity, and functionality in the home.


Established in 2017, the Factory Direct Mattress and Furniture store was, one of many, well-respected businesses in the state of Oregon owned and operated by the Ames family. When our family acquired the store, it was our shared community-centric ideals that gave the Ames family confidence we would continue to uphold the values and relationships they established. After a seamless transition of ownership we began building a business
beyond the mattress.

This is how we evolved into Tiffany’s At Home,
because we know that home is more than just a place you lay your head.

In 2019, we expanded our mission to accommodate not only the growing population diversity of the Rogue Valley, but also to meet a more expansive vision: fulfilling harmony, diversity, and functionality in the home.


We believe in supporting a sustainable community. Socially, that means providing a place where people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives always feel welcome. We support our local economy by sourcing from local businesses and craftspeople whenever possible. Environmentally, we try our best to source from and partner with businesses and individuals who are committed to repurposing products and reducing waste.

We offer an incredible selection of merchandise by local artisans, including wall art, hand-crafted candles, as well as sourcing custom-made items to meet your particular needs.

High-touch service doesn’t have to mean high dollar.

As the needs in your life evolve, so does your home. That may mean you need a baby nursery, a home office or an in-law suite. Only you know what is expressly you, which is why we strive to meet your aesthetic rather than impose our own.

This extends to our hours of operation. Our goal is for you to have a stress and constraint-free experience. We want to encourage the exploration of all possibilities while honoring any limitations you may have without judgment. This means accommodating your budget and your schedule. The decision to transform any area of your home doesn’t have to be hurried and that extends to your time. We allow you to make in-home, online, and one-to-one appointments that fit your schedule instead of restricting you to our store hours.

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