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Fulfilling harmony, diversity, and functionality in the home.

Lynn Anderson

In my fine art abstract photography series I seek to touch the imaginal world, beyond the literal interpretation of an image. In so doing, I seek to leave a fleeting impression of a botanic form—its color and shape—for viewers to contemplate. Perhaps my work will evoke a change in perception, a meditative awareness, a reconsideration of the dream of ourselves, or that which appears to be. Since the history of photography is rich with image makers who experimented with the camera’s unique ability to portray the world in novel ways, I have purposely abandoned the clear focus of the camera lens. Thus, I hope to encourage a connection with the eternal forces at work in the world.


In my 2020 Hindsight and After Burn series I seek to capture the unusual life changing impact ushered in by the global pandemic, as well as the unexpected beauty discovered in the aftermath of the recent wildfires in Oregon.


Bio Lynn Anderson enjoys her artistic pursuits as a fine art nature photographer in Ashland, Oregon and the north woods of Minnesota. Her complete portfolio can be viewed online at Prints and canvas wraps of varying sizes can be ordered through Tiffany’s At Home.

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