Lynn Anderson

 While, a crisp, clear photograph is often taken at face value–it documents what is–there is little room for the viewer’s imagination to play with possibilities or embark on a new way of seeing. Yet, the history of photography is rich with abstract image makers who experimented with the camera’s unique ability to portray the world in novel ways.


I endeavor to follow in my predecessors footsteps through discovery of visual poetry with abstract botanic photography. Throughout my youth, I experienced forays in nature interwoven with formal art training to be a source of wonder and refreshment—a connection to an infinite sense of being. While this realm of unity with nature is often sensed, it is easily forgotten. My curiosity with abstract beauty was unleashed with the gift of a camera which deepened my exploration and enjoyment of the natural world. Through my camera lens I seek to capture the inherent, yet un-imagined vitality of color and form in both intimate and grand landscapes.


In my photographs I seek to create compelling art which touches our inner being to evoke a change in perception, a meditative awareness, a reconsideration of the dream of ourselves, or that which appears to be. In so doing, we may experience magical and unexpected visions which may communicate something not said outright. I invite the viewer to linger a bit and interpret my imagery in a deeper, more personal way. Thus, the clear focus of the camera lens is purposely abandoned to encourage a connection with the eternal and transcendent forces at work in the world.


My portfolio contains eight related series: Indian Summer I & II, Desert Art, Earth Reveries, Garden Dreams, Lightscapes, Intimate Abstracts, and Grandscapes. Each digital archival print has been captured in camera with minimal processing in Photoshop.Garden Dreams introduces a body of work which is ethereal and other worldly, where botanic inspiration acts as a springboard for an environment that is no longer recognizable.